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Chinese system of slow meditative movements designed for relaxation, balance, flow, coordination, and overall health and well being.

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Introducing Karl-Erik Andreasson

Tai Chi Instructor Karl-Erik Andreasson - Athol IdahoKarl-Erik Andreasson, PhD, has been a practitioner of Tai Chi & Qi Gong for well over 20 years. Karl's initial exposure to the art of Tai Chi was at Temple University, Philadelphia. Attending graduate school and in line for his PhD in Psychology, Karl became bored with the traditional flow of "terminal academics". With the encouragement of a few senior faculty, and the scorn of a few others, Karl decided to embark on a new course offered at Temple. It was a 2 semester course in Tai Chi given by Sifu Maggie Newman, and her husband Master Cheng from New York. Usually the course was taught by Sifu Maggie and other times her husband would visit and teach which is probably why they started off with about 118 students in a large gym, and finally, after 2 semesters, they had approximately 18-21 students left. Karl was one of them.

After much repetition, frustration, and "sticking with it", Karl learned that the art of Tai Chi is nothing less than rejuvenation, concentration, learning to understand oneself, toleration and overcoming frustration, and acquiring a sense of "play" about what one was learning. There was nothing occult about this ancient Chinese system of ballet-like calisthenics and flowing-movement. The postures are used to encourage "letting go" and "relaxing". Something that our material Western Culture often lacks. The art of Tai Chi stresses, slow breathing, rhythmical and balanced movement, calmness of mind, and an acute awareness of the "present moment". It leads to a healthier life.

Upon completion of his degree, and teaching assistantship, Karl was hired at Harcum College, in Bryn Mawr, PA., where he taught both Psychology and held Tai Chi classes in the evenings. While at Harcum, he discovered the Princeton Academy of Marital Arts, run by Sifu Rick Tucci, Princeton, N.J. The weekly drive was very long but Karl was enthusiastic about learning Jeet Kune Do concepts and Kali. Tai Chi took a back-seat for years while Karl followed the teachings of such notables as, Dan Inosanto, Burton Richardson, Paul Vunak, and the late Guro, Edgar Sulite.

After moving to Northern Idaho and working at Central Washington University for 2 years, Karl began once again to revisit the art of Tai Chi. At CWU, he taught several Tai Chi Classes in the evenings and weekends. Mostly the Yang Style 24 Form.

Finally, a total move to the Bayview area in Northern Idaho, Karl was hired at NIC, University of Idaho, graduate department where he taught many Tai Chi workshops and summer credited classes. Later, hired full time at SFCC, Spokane, member of the SFCC Wellness Committee, Karl now teaches in the psychology department while teaching ongoing Tai Chi / Qi Gong classes.

During this time, Karl has taught at the Ironwood Health Club in Coeur d'Alene, several Physical Therapy Centers, local Businesses in the Cd'A area, and presentations at various Health Expos. Karl has also taught at several Mexican Resorts (Cozumel and Villa Del Palmar, Loreto), on Cruise Ships while on vacation, and at the Worldmark/Trend West Resort, Depoe Bay, Oregon. When traveling to the East Coast of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Karl has been a frequent invited Guest Presenter. For the past 3 years, Karl has been asked to teach Tai Chi / Qi Gong at the famous Bitterroot Art Academy Workshops held in Cle Elum and Roslyn, Washington during the Fall season.

Karl has also had the opportunity to further his studies under Sifu Brian Knack, NW Tai Chi, who brought many of the Chinese instructors to Spokane for weekly workshops, took several weekend workshops with Sifu Sana Shanti, in California and under students of David-Dorian Ross, Jerry Alan Johnson, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Sifu Ramel Rones, and a Master Course from Sifu Bruce Frantzis which is ongoing. In teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong now, Karl often integrates aspects of Kali to the exclusion of the traditional Tai Chi Sword form.

Karl comments, "As I gracefully ‘grow shorter’ and age, (smile)…some truth in that one, I found myself embracing Tai Chi and Qi Gong with more of a serious intent." Karl further adds, "Keep in mind that the art of Tai Chi is "never mastered", but simply, "played". In the "play" is the seed to the flower - allow it to bloom".

More recently, Karl has discovered an exceptionally talented Sifu in the area, Sifu Charlie Hicks, who teaches at his studio Tsu Jan Martial Arts near Silverwood. His art comprises the integration of Bruce Lee's Jeet June Do Concepts, Kali, and Wing Chung Kung-Fu. Karl attends Sifu Charlie's classes and workshops when he can, and has studied under him for about 3 months and considers Sifu Charlie Hicks to be one of the best instructors and talented martial artist that he has ever met! Both his theory, teachings, concepts, and applications are excellent. Sifu Charlie, also specifically integrates philosophy and holistic thinking into his classes - a combination of Taoism, Zen, and Common-Sense Reality about "being in the world". Classes are small and, Sifu Charlie is very selective about who he accepts as students - being new, Karl feels extremely fortunate to be one of them.

In addition to teaching classes at the college, Karl also teaches a weekly class at the Bayview Community Center in Bayview, Idaho. On occasion, Karl also teaches Private Lessons at his Home Studio located in Athol, Idaho. Learn more about Classes & Lessons with Karl-Erik.

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